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    Intelligent wear, static and dynamic lubrication

    Annaichi Hebei Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd. is enterprises specializing in the production of lubricating oil, mainly engaged in lubricating technology products research and development, production and sales.
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    Annaichi energy Polytron Technologies Inc: the core of intelligent complex new membrane...

    Intelligent space biological compounds
    The unique space intelligent soft power can form compounds with various characteristics of Amoi smart film on metal surface.
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    Sustainable development is the basic goal of annaichi group

    We are promoting the development of social progress at the same time, more efforts to achieve production and safety, energy and environment, enterprise and society, enterprise and the harmonious development...
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    8 advantages, in the wear and lubrication

    Annaichi group lubricating oil products is annaichi group (China) Co., Ltd. the focus of the brand, in the international market have very high popularity and reputation.
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